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Lotus Pod 2

Meticulously crafted from a small lotus pod, this piece is characterized by its warm colors and extremely light weight. Careful con-struction using balsa wood and micro-balloons, it is 2” across and is a bantamweight at a half an ounce, including the chain. (That’s right, ½ oz.)

The back is balsa wood, stained, and buffed to a high gloss lacquer finish. The chain is a light gold color, very light in weight as it’s made from aluminum,

20” in length.

There is only one of these, just as in nature. So you will have the only one. I take most credit cards or checks. I can also invoice you through Paypal. Let me know your preference. Just email me, or call 212-947-6840. Thank you. Michael


     Lotus Pod Necklace